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Whether you are new to FHA Loans, need a refresher course in processing, underwriting or need continuing education, we have your mortgage training classes. Diehl & Associates has qualified trainers to get you started and to help you complete the mortgage career training program of your choice.

Learn How to Become Mortgage Processor!

... or underwriter, broker, etc.

At FHATraining.com, you can find plenty of informative courses and products, including self-study mortgage broker training materials and pre-recorded webinars. We can keep you up to date on new regulations and procedural changes like the Dodd-Frank Reform Act and the SAFE Act continuing education courses.

Most states require licensing to become a broker. To find training mortgage processing and broker classes, please select the topic of interest from our drop-down menus above.

Scott Weghorst

President - Diehl & Associates