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How to Become an FHA DE Underwriter

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As a Direct Endorsement underwriter and FHA trainer, we often get the question, “How Do I Become a DE Underwriter?” Generically, the profession is part skill, part ability, part glutton for punishment and, most importantly, a recipient of excellent upfront and ongoing training.

We all know homeownership is a large part of the economy and a DE Underwriter plays a key role in that economic sector.

The key to it is proper product training, proper on the job training while working under the tutelage of a seasoned DE that allows the underwriter to effectively utilize the acquired skills and training in conjunction with critical decision making in order to make an informed underwriting decision.

Therein lies the professionalism: Utilizing the acquired skills and product knowledge to make a lending decision based on sound judgment.
A Direct Endorsement Underwriter (DE) underwrites FHA loans and has the authority to bind FHA to the loan approval process. DE’s work for the lender and as such, the DE will validate the loan documents as well as assure they meet the respective FHA product guidelines for which they are being submitted. This process will ensure timely endorsement of FHA insurance for the loan.

Lenders must certify that the candidate meets the DE qualifications of that specific lender and upon that certification, registers the candidate with HUD. Upon completion, the candidate will receive a CHUMS unique identifier number. (Computerized Home Underwriter Management System)

Steps for nomination by the lender:

Happy Underwriting!

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